The Solar Waterbag Rolls and Unrolls to Enable Water Warming in the Sun

 - Sep 16, 2016
References: yankodesign
The Solar Waterbag is a versatile water bag bottle that allows users to fill the container with water and allow it to be placed in the sun for warming. This makes the design exceedingly useful for camping purposes or for those that spend extended periods outdoors.

For athletes, drinking cold water can be a shock to the system that requires them to physically burn more energy in order to warm the water up to be absorbed. The Solar Waterbag allows users to simply place the water bag bottle in the sun until it's the perfect temperature for consuming during physical activity outdoors.

The Solar Waterbag is the design work of Furong Zhang, Yuqian Jin, Hengchang Su, Jianzhuang Tian and Song Qiao.