The Hermanns Surfboards are Crafted from Lightweight Paulownia Wood

Hermanns Shaping Company is reimagining the traditional surfboard by crafting high-end boards out of Paulownia wood. One of the main problems with fiberglass surfboards is that they are not biodegradable. These new wood-based boards solve the issue of waste, by using natural materials instead of man-made ones.

Instead of fiberglass, resin and foam, Hermanns' surfboards are made from Paulownia wood. This type of wood is particularly useful because it is strong, yet lightweight. In order to turn the wood into boards, the material is CNC machined to create the ideal shape and then finished with a wood veneer for reinforcement. To keep the boards light, a hollow wood-chambered construction is used.

For surfers looking for a sustainable way to enjoy their favorite water sport, Hermanns offers a more eco-friendly board option.