From Wearable Fertility Thermometers to Anti-Snoring Earpieces

 - Oct 29, 2016
From armbands that track a woman's basal body temperature in her sleep to specially designed earpieces that reduce snoring, the October 2016 health trends reveal a clear emphasis on wearable technology.

When it comes to helping women take control of their reproductive health, wearables have been extremely beneficial. Beyond simply helping women track their menstrual cycle, these devices can also help women pinpoint exactly when they are ovulating. Some of these ingenious wearables include the Tempdrop body temperature-sensing armband and a discrete ovulation tracker called Ayda.

Wearables have also proven popular when it comes to tracking and treating additional health conditions. As the October 2016 health trends reveal, these devices now range from ultra-discrete gadgets such as the ThermoPeanut temperature gauge to more obvious, yet effective products such as the anti-snoring earpiece called Snore Circle.