This Ultra-Portable Device Has the Potential to Save Many Lives

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: bbc & popsci
Will Broadway from Loughborough University has created a mobile fridge that has the potential to carry around life-saving medicines and objects that need to maintain specific temperatures to function.

The device is called the 'Isobar' and was made to maintain the ideal temperature of vaccines that are required for them to stay useful, while being transported to developing countries or isolated regions. The current method of transport for vaccines can result in them freezing, but this device maintains the proper temperature for 30 days. The student does not plan to patent the mobile fridge nor does he intend to profit off of it in any way, believing that every human has the right to have adequate access to vaccines.

The mobile fridge has the potential to be used for other purposes, such as gaining the ability extend the life of organs that require transportation to the people in need of them.