The Herbal 'Soothe Digestion' Naturally Reduces Eating Discomforts

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: thejuicetruck
To help gently calm stomaches from eating discomforts is this natural herbal liquid blend by The Juice Truck called 'Soothe Digestion.' The natural remedy contains a highly concentrated blend of natural and pressed herbs that reduce pain caused from bloating, indigestion and burping that can frequently occur post-eating. The use of plants provides consumers with a much more organic medicinal alternative than store bought digestive aids.

The tincture blend contains plants best known for their digestive properties including fennel, peppermint and meadowsweet that perform as natural antacids and reduce symptoms of stomach sickness. Notes of chamomile and lemon are also added for a sweeter taste and to reduce inflammation within the digestive track.

Due to the high potency of the liquid remedy, it is meant to be taken in small quantities as a oral shot.