The Microbist Medical Kit Supplies are Visually Appealing

The Microbist medical kit supplies are a conceptual lineup of products and packaging designs that look to help invigorate the design of essential supplies.

Designed by Camelia Cucolea, the Microbist concept brand reimagines medical supplies as being style-conscious, easy to spot and more inviting than traditional products for healthcare.

Packaging approaches are being rethought across a multitude of different product verticals as consumers become more discerning of which items they choose to purchase. As such, many products are being given a stylistic overhaul in order to better appeal to changing consumer preferences.

The Microbist medical kit supplies consist of bandages, tape and wound dressings that all feature a charming yet simple color and cartoon design. Best of all, each product has its own color so the right item is easily found in kits and cupboards.