The WELT Belt Monitors Your Eating and Workout Habits

 - Aug 30, 2016
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
While we're increasingly familiar with wearable wristbands and watches that are capable of tracking fitness parameters, the WELT takes an innovative new approach in its smart belt form. The WELT is designed to do the fundamental job of a belt -- keep your pants up -- while also offering a host of health-monitoring functions by working in conjunction with a special companion app.

This particular smart belt is equipped with a magnetic sensor that is designed to track your waist size, something that is indispensable if you're trying to lose some pounds and also makes for a genius function when you consider where belts are worn. Additionally, this smart belt can track your steps and monitor your dietary habits.

The WELT is a great example of a recently introduced invention, namely wearable technology, speedily being incorporated in different contexts and product designs.