The Curved Shape of 'Bhoga' Blocks Help Yogis Deepen Their Practice

 - Jan 7, 2016
References: bhoga
While there are many benefits to using brick-shaped yoga blocks in practice, the assistance they can provide is limited to the block's rectangular shape—but the unique shape of the Bhoga Infinity Block redefines what a yogi can do.

Bhoga redesigned the traditional block to include a flat bottom piece and a curved upper arch, promising that it will provide "infinite possibilities" and "effortless alignment."

These Infinity Blocks are made with sustainable wood and weigh in at just about over two pounds, providing a solid foundation for a physical practice. Like traditional geometric blocks, this new shape helps yogis get into deeper postures, particularly backbends, heart-opening yoga postures and any other moves where there may be increased stress on one part of the body for a short amount of time.