This Electronic System Uses Sensors to Ensure the Safety of Users

 - Jun 21, 2016
References: kickstarter & bikebiz
These commuter safety devices, entitled 'Cycloshield.' offer threat detection for bikers on the road.

The device can be attached to the rod that holds the seat of the bike and features sensors that "allows detection of accidents and falls." The commuter safety device can detect an approaching threat -- such as when a car is approaching too quickly and close to the biker -- and can perform actions from there. Once a threat is detected, the bike starts recording for liability purposes and can also contact emergency services after an accident. The device additionally monitors fitness, contains a built-in GPS and connects through Wi-fi or Bluetooth.

Bikers are much more vulnerable on the road in comparison to drivers, so safety-ensuring devices such as this one are crucial for those who depend on cycling as an important part of their daily commute.