ToneX Turns Even Low-Intensity Activities Into Upper Body Workouts

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: kickstarter
Some people simply don't enjoy going to the gym to get their exercise, and ToneX is a piece of workout equipment that makes it easier for those people to get an upper body workout. The wearable workout gear turns even relatively low-intensity cardio into full body workouts through the use of an ergonomic vest and tensile elastic bands.

To use ToneX, consumers don the comfortable, purpose-built vest and take hold of the grips at the end of strong rubber bands. Thanks to the tension in the bands, the muscles in consumers' upper bodies activate during the course of normal movement. As such, ToneX automatically incorporates an upper body workout into any activity, from jogging to warmups for sports and anything else.

The tension in ToneX's bands can be adjusted to any comfort level, making the workout gear perfect for any level of fitness.