The Somerset Folding Bike by Kaiser Chang Boasts a U-Shaped Frame

 - Jan 28, 2016
References: yankodesign
The folding bike is at once practical and impractical -- yet the unique design of the Somerset Folding Bike hopes to change that. It boasts a U-shaped frame that allows people to twist the extremities inwards instead of folding them, making the process significantly easier and quicker. The Somerset Folding Bike remains just as compact as more traditional designs while introducing a much more efficient process.

Designed by Kaiser Chang, the Somerset Folding Bike is not only functional, it's stylish as well. As compact as folding bikes get, there's often an ugly bulkiness associated with them as well. Nevertheless, function is at the heart of the design. Yanko Design writes, "The circular steel structure and semi-arc frames can be transformed into a rollable handcart in seconds, making it easy to transfer between cycling and other forms of transportation like the subway or bus."