The Austin Bouldering Project Offers Up To 300 Bouldering Routes

The Austin Bouldering Project is a massive climbing and bouldering facility, located in the city of Austin in Texas, that is claimed to be the world's largest bouldering center. Constructed by DJA Architects, this climbing facility covers 50,000 square feet and features an interior design conceived by Lilianne Stecker Interior Design.

The facility offers 23,000 square feet of climbing surfaces that altogether offer between 250 and 300 different bouldering challenges and routes. The sections are rotated twice a week in order to ensure that regular visitors are constantly challenged in new ways.

The Austin Bouldering Project is a triumph in architectural design in the manner in which it places facility function first and foremost, and allows for visitors to get the absolute most out of the facility and the space it offers within it.