Alexia Lechot's 'Deltu' is Easily Distracted When Facing Poor Players

 - Oct 5, 2016
References: & sploid.gizmodo
Deltu is an artificially intelligent robot that can compete against human beings in some simple games. However, if the human proves to be an unworthy foe, the moody robot will spurn them, changing its focus to more worthy pursuits like posting selfies to Instagram and dancing to EDM on Soundcloud.

Invented by Alexia Lechot, from the Swiss design school ECAL, Deltu's behaviour is similar to that of a petulant child. It can interact with people through the use of two iPads, playing multiplayer matching games similar to 'Simon.' Deltu is happy to play with people, but it won't tolerate losers. If the human player bows out too soon, Deltu throws a small hissy fit and closes the game. It will then open another app, like Instagram, and take and post selfies -- just like a tween who's tired of dealing with his parents.