The Kengoro Robot Can Sweat to Increase Its Endurance

 - Oct 14, 2016
References: & engadget
Sweating might not be the most attractive feature of the human body, but it serves an important and efficient purpose in the regulation of temperature, and Kengoro is a robot that uses a similar process to make it better at working out.

Anyone who frequents the gym knows the unfortunate feeling of stepping up to a machine that the previous user hasn't dried off, but they might not know that sweating is actually crucial from an evolutionary standpoint. The fluid keeps skin cool by diffusing heat more effectively. Kengoro, a robot built by scientists from the University of Tokyo, is able to similarly perspire to cool its motors while they are revving -- like when Kengoro does push-ups.

The perspiration system uses water to cool the motors, just like standard systems, but this water is then able to evaporate through Kengoro's porous steel frame and condense on the outside, further cooling the robot.