The 'Evoo' Robot Vacuum Cleaners Feature a Naturalistic Touch

 - Nov 1, 2016
References: yankodesign
The modern home is becoming less natural than ever thanks to a deeper integration of technology and a shift away from nature, so the 'Evoo' robot vacuum cleaners are designed to combat against this. Designed by QianJun Gao, the 'Evoo' vacuum features a spherical design and an indentation on the top portion that allows a small bonsai plant or succulent to be planted. This helps to give the advanced technology a more naturalistic touch to make it more lively and vibrant when used within the home.

Technology is often made from hard synthetic materials and designed with a somewhat cold aesthetic. Designers, however, are working to fight against this unfriendly aesthetic by creating designs like the 'Evoo' robot vacuum cleaners as a means to strike a natural connection.