This Airport Seating Lounge Provides Ultra-Comfortable Seats

At Terminal 2 inside Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan, travelers have the chance to get extremely comfortable at a unique airport lounge courtesy of mattress brand Tokyo Nishikawa.

Although Tokyo Nishikawa is a producer of mattresses, seating is the focus of the 'Narita Sky Lounge Wa.' The same supportive technology that's used in its signature Air mattress is what powers the ultra-comfortable seats that are set up in the airport lounge, effectively creating an advertisement for its mattresses without having to take up the space required for a few full-sized beds. Even so, the generously sized seats provide ample room for people to spread out and take a nap.

Airports have become popular destinations for branded stations of this kind, particularly because they are the perfect place to provide interest for a curious and captive audience.