Korean Air's Prestige Suites Feature More Space and Privacy

Having a ticket for one of Korean Air's Prestige Suites definitely won't have you fighting for space on the arm rest with your neighbor. The new cabin design is part of the airline's high-end offerings for its Prestige Class, which provides increased comfort and privacy for travelers.

As for what makes the Prestige Suites so desirable, the cabins feature seats that fully fold out into beds—and make arm wrests disappear when positioned in this way. Individual seats are separated by privacy panels, so that each traveler can truly shut out their surrounds. In addition to providing extra space, the airline really makes it so that people can kick back and put their feet up, by integrating ottomans into the seat designs. Another neat feature is the way seats are arranged to allow each passenger a view to the window, whether they are seated directly next to one or not.