These Activists Created a Cozy Bedroom Set for the Homeless

A group of British artists and activists recently designed a cozy bedroom set for homeless residents living in London. The project stemmed from a city initiative that sought to install anti-homeless spikes in front of store windows in order to prevent homeless individuals from sleeping in certain areas. The activists sought to combat this inhuman city initiative by turning one of the spiky ledges into a cozy bedroom set.

The group set up the sleeping area in front of London’s 'Plastic People' nightclub. They covered the inhospitable spikes and converted the ledge into a tiny bedroom, complete with a comfy mattress. They even included a micro-library where users can read books about architecture and urban planning. The installation is called 'Space, Not Spikes' and the overall message is that we need to be looking for ways to help homeless residents instead of trying to alienate them.