#charity Asks You to Volunteer Skills in Technology to Charities

 - Jan 24, 2015
References: hashtagcharity.org & springwise
When it comes to giving to charity, the first thing that comes to mind is probably to donate funds, not volunteer skills in tech. However, this is something #charity is trying to change. In an effort to save non-profit organizations the money normally spent on IT services, the platform is encouraging people to offer up their own expertise.

Similar to the Backpacker Intern who provides creative assistance to brands in order to travel, #charity lets you volunteer skills and time towards meaningful organizations. This helps charities put their financial resources into programming instead of earmarking it for administrative costs.

Any sized organization can use the platform by listing their needs on a project by project basis, which #charity volunteers to sign up for. By scanning the LinkedIn profiles of candidates, the platform matches them up with the right jobs.