This Mobile Eatery Delivers Healthy Meals to Kids Struggling with Hunger

An Oklahoma City food truck is fighting food insecurity by delivering meals to children who are struggling with hunger. In many parts of the US, children struggle with food availability and a lack of proper nutrition. This food truck is trying to solve these issues by providing food and education to hungry kids.

The 'Food for All' truck travels to after-school programs in Oklahoma City to provide meals for children who are struggling with hunger. The meals are cooked by a local restaurant group called 'A Good Egg' and all of the ingredients are donated by 'Whole Foods.' Instead of handing out burgers and fries, the food truck delivers fresh cooked food. The ideas is that children who have access to nutritious meals will gain a better understanding of how to eat healthier in the long run.

The Food for All truck ultimately helps to combat issues of food insecurity and rising obesity rates at the same time.