This Platform Helps Refugees Find Safety and Resources

 - Dec 29, 2015
References: kickstarter
'Kricket' is a map-based platform that helps refugees find safety and resources when they are in need. As of right now, there are millions of people worldwide have been forcibly displaced. For many of these people, decisions about where to go and where to access resources are largely based on word-of-mouth information.

Kricket aims to provide refugees with a more accurate and detailed source of information about where to find safety and resources. The system works as a map-based network drawn from crowdsourced data. The platform allows NGOs, volunteers and other refugees to contribute information about different resources and travel routes in real time. The information is then displayed on an interactive map, which is tagged with various user-friendly icons.

The idea behind Kricket is to give refugees a reliable and accurate source of information so that they can make informed decision for themselves and their families.