Löfbergs Brought People Together by Combining Their Interactions

Löfbergs, a roastery that's based out of Karlstad, Sweden, created a coffee giveaway challenge in bus shelters to facilitate interaction between commuters.

Often times, using public transit is a lonely and outright bothersome experience, especially for those who are stuck waiting for a bus in the cold. With Löfbergs' coffee giveaway however, time flew by for commuters, as they were given an incentive for interacting with the people around them. When enough people were involved, buttons that were spread out through the bus shelters could be pressed at the same time.

When all of the 18 buttons were illuminated, a transparent door that secured samples of the brand's coffee was unlocked. Once it was opened, participants dispersed the bags amongst themselves. With this campaign, Löfbergs created a community-driven experience that left participants with a positive association with the brand. In addition, they also all had the chance to try its coffee for themselves, increasing their chances of becoming loyal costumers.