'Hotel Rehearsal' Satirizes the Premiums for Hotels Around NYC

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: alexschweder & fastcodesign
'Hotel Rehearsal' is an art exhibit that satirizes the current real estate climate in one of the world's biggest cities. Anyone who's had to rent a room in or around New York City, whether for short- or long-term, knows that even tiny spaces come at a premium. Artist Alex Schweder's Hotel Rehearsal teases that fact by offering a room the size of a parking space -- which is also actually parked in a parking space.

The Hotel Rehearsal exhibit consists of an inflatable bubble inside of which sits a mattress. This bubble is placed atop a Jacob's ladder which itself sits on a van, making the entire exhibit portable. When activated, the tiny room is hoisted into the sky, acting as a private space in the middle of the city.