'Kind Traveler' is a Booking Platform That Supports Local Causes

 - Aug 5, 2016
References: kindtraveler & psfk
Like any travel-booking platform, 'Kind Traveler' makes it easy for travelers to easily arrange accommodations—but this service also goes above and beyond this simple service by offering a charitable twist.

After choosing a destination, the "give + get" booking platform makes it possible for people to choose a cause that they're passionate about and make a charitable donation in order to help that specific area thrive.

Kind Traveler CEO and Co-Founder Jessica Blotter says that: "Our win-win platform offers solutions for everyone." Hotels are able to connect with cause-minded consumers and expand their CSR programs, while consumers are able to enjoy exclusive deals and the feeling of doing something good. Finally, donations are made in full to charities, which will play a part in advancing causes for children, disaster relief, health and more.