This Amsterdam-Based Hotel Features a Mix of Eclectic Designs

 - Aug 10, 2016
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Based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, this open-concept hotel offers a unique experience for guests and visitors.

The Generator Hotel's building is more than a century old and was once a zoological museum and offered health science-related services. The space was transformed by the firms 'Design Agency' and 'IDEA Ontwerp' and now features an eclectic mix of designs, rooms and artwork. One of the more interesting features of the hotel is its audience-like setup that faces the hotel bar. The lounge area has three different levels that include an indoor balcony, while some of the hotel's rooms have bunk beds rather than private ones. Most of the rooms are adorned with some type of vibrant and colorful artwork, making the space even more quirky.

This endearing open-concept hotel offers a playful space in which traveling individuals and families can relax.