This Echo Seeker is an Unmanned Submarine Set to Explore Deep Seas

 - Aug 16, 2015
References: subseaworldnews & wired
Boeing created and launched the Echo Seeker, a 32 foot unmanned machine that is designed for ocean exploration. While autonomous cars, planes and drones have been emerging within the automotive industry, this autonomous underwater vehicle is rarer than most.

The Echo Seeker can currently dive 20,000 feet and has the capability to pursue the waters for three days before surfacing. Furthermore, the impressive machine can travel 265 miles without needing a re-charge.

Its convenient and compact size allows it to be easily transported on a ship and submerged at any point along its travels. While deep sea exploration is an important part of environmental studies, the practice's current tactics are often dangerous. This tech-savvy machine will aid in the development and exploration of the deepest places on the planet while enhancing safety features for explorers.