These Sick-Pack Rings Double as Fish Food & Cause Less Harm & Danger

Saltwater Brewery, a company based in Florida, created biodegradable six-pack rings that are edible for wildlife.

Traditional six-pack rings are extremely harmful to fish, turtles and just about everything that inhabits the sea -- as creatures can end up getting stuck in, strangled by or digesting them. Saltwater Brewery paired up with the ad agency 'We Believers' to manufacture its edible six-pack rings, working to nourish wildlife rather than do them harm. If the rings don't end up getting eaten by these animals, they simply decompose and prevent further pollution to the ocean.

The company reports that its product is just as strong as plastic six-pack rings, so consumers don't have to swap quality for an environmentally friendly product. As Discover Magazine reports, the product is currently more expensive to manufacture but Saltwater Brewery hopes other companies will follow suit, eventually making them the same price.