This Bike Kit Allows Users To Build Any Type of Bike They Want

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: kickstarter
The BIY 2 bike kits allow users to create any type of bike they choose.

The BIY 2 is a play on the word DIY and is reflective of the kits' most unique feature -- the fact that they can be transformed into a multitude of different bike styles. Some of the bikes include a 'classic' bike, a mountain bike, a female-oriented bike with a basket, an ice cream bike that comes with an attached ice cream cooler, a cargo bike that is connected to a large container and a small children's bike. Using a tool called the 'Modular Builder's Jig,' the pieces of these bikes are assembled in different ways to achieve the desired styles.

The interactive nature of these bike kits allow for a fun and unique way to customize and design bikes to suit different needs and preferences.