'Zume Pizza' Uses Robots to Makes Its Pies

 - Sep 15, 2016
References: zumepizza & mashable
As Zume Pizza shows, Silicon Valley remains on the cutting edge of all things technolgical, including pizza-cutting. The California pizzeria is a delivery business that automates the process of making pizzas, from tossing the dough and placing the toppings to baking, slicing and boxing the pies for delivery.

According to Julia Collins, the cofounder of Zume Pizza, automating the menial tasks involved in running a pizzeria allows the restaurant to "spend more money on higher quality ingredients." Further, Zume's robots should not eliminate any jobs for the company's employees, as management plans on instead shifting those employees into less rote positions.

Beyond the economics, the pizza-making robots provide another value: safety. Pizza ovens reach upwards of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures that can severely injury workers in the case of an accident, but, of course, robotic pizza-workers run no such risk.