The 'Manned Multicopter' Flies with the Use of Homemade Multirotors

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: youtube & digitaltrends
Like the fantasy of a pre-Wright Brothers inventor, Swedish engineer Axel Borg's 'manned multicopter' is a homemade flying chair that can successfully lift its pilot dozens of feet off the ground and land smoothly. As Borg boasts, his DIY project has allowed him to "fulfill the old pipe dream of backyard flying."

The chair looks similar to an arcade racing game's seat, and it is connected to eight gas-powered propellers that have the juice to lift it vertically, without the need for a runway. In building the manned multicopter, Borg wanted to make sure the design was small enough to fit into a standard garage and smooth enough to allow the pilot to drink a cup of coffee while flying.