This Smart iPhone Dock Simplifies Apple Users' Nightly Routines

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: labs.teague & fastcodesign
Design consultancy Teague developed a smart iPhone dock which makes bedtime routines a tad bit easier.

Almost every night iPhone users search for their Lightning cable, open the clock app and turn on their alarm. The process can be tiresome and annoying but almost every Apple fan undergoes this nightly task. Providing an alternative that is far less bothersome, Teague has created a ridged shelf that operates a smart iPhone dock outfitted with bedtime phone logistics.

Users set down their iPhone and conductive charging will power the device overnight. To set the alarm, users only have to slide their phone across the dock. On the screen, alarm times change accordingly while daylight animates in and out of the frame to represent where the sun will be when users awake.