'HeatsBox' Warms Up Home-Cooked Food for Lunches

 - Nov 8, 2016
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Packing a lunch for work is often a healthier choice than buying prepared food every day, and HeatsBox, a product by Swiss start-up Faitron, makes it easier and more delicious to bring one's meal in to work. The portable device serves as a lunchbox, but it is also equipped with a built-in oven that lets consumers eat their meals as if they were prepared fresh.

While most office kitchens have a microwave, heating food up in a microwave is far from optimal, often leaving one's meal full of unpleasant cold spots. HeatsBox uses an 85 watt oven-like heater to warm up food, guaranteeing that the meal inside will be evenly heated. HeatsBox also comes with the same self-cleaning system in many newer oven models, saving time and making it easier to bring to work day in and day out.