Native Union's Anchor Cable Won't Slide Off of Tables or Desks

 - Oct 22, 2016
References: nativeunion & dezeen
Native Union's Anchor Cable solves one of the most pesky and frustrating mechanical problems endemic to charging cables.

Often, people leave their chargers in the same location, with a habit of charging their devices at regular times (for example, at one's desk or on one's bedside table.) And though the chargers work perfectly well to charge devices, their infuriating flaw is that, since the outlets are near the ground, the cables tend to slip and fall off the surface when a phone isn't connected.

Native Union's Anchor Cable promises to hold strong onto any surface thanks to the geometric weight towards the phone side of the charger. The weight is also made from non-slip silicone, so even at a stretch the cable should stay put on a table.