From Hybrid Vacuum-Steamers to Illuminating Glass Speakers

 - Apr 14, 2017
When one thinks of home appliances, what comes to mind are ovens, dryers and dishwashers that are more or less designed to carry out a single purpose. However, just as many homeowners and renters are seeking out multipurpose furnishings, they are also investing in multipurpose appliances as another way to maximize their usable living and storage spaces.

For home care and cleaning, there are now vacuums that also serve as mops and steamers, as well as kitchen appliances like the 'The Muscle, The Gear and The Carrot,' which have the potential to save a significant amount of counter space simply because the single appliance is so capable.

Even the essentials for home entertainment are being redesigned with a focus on multipurpose use. One of Samsung's newest projects introduced a QLED smart television that displays art when it is not in use as a TV.