This Home Light Bulb Includes a USB for Powering Mobile Devices

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
The 'PowerBulb' is a novel home light bulb created by Mega Tiny Corp that offers more than just a source of light.

While the light bulb does give off light in the same way that an ordinary light bulb does, what sets this innovative design apart from the rest is that it contains a USB charger, which can be used to power up one's smartphone or tablet. To use the PowerBulb, it's as simple as plugging the bulb into a socket, most likely one that's easy-to-reach, such as the ones found in tabletop lamps.

Since at least one source of artificial light is generally added to every room in the house, lights are now being transformed into multipurpose systems that can provide everything from music and entertainment to a reliable Wi-Fi connection.