The Printing House Launches 3D Printed Self Portraits

 - Feb 25, 2016
References: tph & tph
The Printing House is making it easier than ever to capture an expression, pose or posture with their new 3D selfies, launched recently in Toronto. This new, easy to access use of 3D printing results in finely detailed, action-figure like mini-statue made to customer's exact likeness using a proprietary material that is gypsum-based and is transformed from powder to a solid model through a binding agent and precisely positioned color dye. The results are eerily accurate, with even the smallest details captured such as facial hair, wedding rings and small tattoos.

Customers enter a booth surrounded by 120 SLR cameras, which are all synced to snap simultaneously. The booth is made up of moveable towers with at least 9 cameras each, designed to capture a 360 degree view. Any gaps are filled in by a digital 3D artist that using software to create any missing depth. After selecting their desired pose, a 3D image is rendered and sent to the printer. The printing process only takes 6 hours, after final finishing and curing your model is ready for pickup in a couple of days. The final product costs just under $120 CAD for a 5 inch model. See here for more options.