The Elysium Chair was Developed by a Bioengineering Professor

 - Sep 29, 2016
References: davidhugh & gizmodo
Most people spend a huge portion of their time sitting, and the Elysium chair is designed using scientific principles to ensure that that time is spent as comfortably as possible. The chair, which costs about as much as a compact car, reclines to make those seated feel like they're experiencing zero gravity.

The Elysium chair was designed by David Hugh, who owns a PhD in bioengineering. Having spent a decade developing equations for how the human body and posture are affected by gravity, Dr. Hugh is the right person to design the ultimately comfortable seating.

By using a slight gesture, those upon the Elysium chair can recline it to just the right spot. Due to its ergonomic design, the chair will reach a point where it make consumers feel perfectly weightless.