Treaty Oak Distilling's June Cookout Serves Artisanal Spirits

Targeting dads with an appreciation for artisanal spirits, Treaty Oak Distilling's Father's Day barbecue event was hosted this past June in the heart of Dripping Springs in Austin, Texas.

In addition to serving a menu of delicious cocktails and signature spirits -- ranging from bourbons to craft beers -- this Father's Day barbecue was also home to a grilled food buffet with a Texan theme. In addition to indulging in some Southern eats and artisanal beverages, dads were also invited to participate in the Treaty Oak Distilling's 'Drink Like a Dad' mixology classes which taught them to create cult classics like the perfect Manhattan.

Lastly, guests could sign up for a traditional hot shave and got to enjoy live music while sampling the events tasty food and drink menu.