Poetic License's Strawberry Gin is Branded as a 'Picnic Gin'

Poetic License's limited-edition strawberry gin boasts a flavor that reminds of sweet strawberries and cream desserts. As such, it's been branded as a vibrant 'Picnic Gin' for the spring and summer season.

Unlike many gin bottles that are treated with branding that will appeal to a male consumer base, this one boasts a delicate charm that sets it apart from the rest. The Picnic Gin's bottle also displays a bright color that stays when it is used in the creation of gin cocktails. Poetic License suggests serving its Picnic Gin with elderflower tonic water over ice and fresh strawberries or with lemonade and mixed fruit.

The strawberries and cream Picnic Gin invites consumers to explore a variety of familiar flavors in a new format.