Botanist Gin is Serving Wild Cocktails at Selfridges Restaurants

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: thebotanist & eventmagazine
As part of a unique partnership, The Botanist Gin will be serving a series of exclusive cocktails through Selfridges restaurants.

What's particularly notable about this collaboration is that it was started with an expedition led by The Botanist that took bartenders from Selfridges foraging for wild ingredients. These ingredients are the centerpieces of cocktails created by The Botanist Gin and include finished products like The Urban Botanist, The Botanist Wild Cherry and The Botanist Fizz.

The Botanist Gin drinks that are served by Selfridges will appeal to a growing number of consumers who appreciate products with ingredients that are fresh and locally sourced. Across the food and beverage industries, botanical ingredients are being favored by health-conscious consumers who want to discover new and unusual natural flavors that are sourced directly from the earth.