Vivino's Wine App Helps Patrons Decipher an Eatery's Menu

 - Jan 17, 2016
References: essentialretail
In addition to helping wine lovers build a profile based on the wine types they love, Vivino entered a new partnership with Abbyy to further the capabilities of its wine app. The newest feature on the platform allows app users to scan a restaurant's wine list. Using text-scanning software and character recognition technology, Vivino is able to provide additional information on the many different types of wine listed.

The app was introduced in order to take some of the pressure off of choosing a wine, which can often be intimidating before colleagues, a date or friends. One of the best advantages to using the app is that it's said to perform extremely well in conditions where light is low, which is common in many restaurants that aim to set a certain ambiance.

There's also a bit of crowdsourcing that comes into play with the app, since mobile phone cameras can be used to pick up new entries and add them to the system's database.