These Drink Recipes Honor Musician David Bowie Legendary Aesthetic

 - Jan 13, 2016
References: flavorwire & foodiggity
Musician David Bowie's recent passing has spawned many fan-admiring creations that celebrate the rockstar's ever-changing persona and musical career, as these cocktail recipes by Jen Lewis by Flavorwire showcase. The drinks turn Bowie's different stage characters into themed beverages that honor the celebrity's iconic career.

One element of Bowie's musical saga that is so well-known is how transformative the artist was, as he constantly reinvented himself throughout the decades. These cocktails recipes by Lewis pay tribute to a variety of Bowie's personas with ingredients and flavors that denote the colors, details and embellishments in Bowie's costumes. For example, the Ziggy Stardust is made with Blue Curacao, vodka and red fruit punch and is topped with glitter. The colors capture the elaborative thunderbolt face paint Bowie was known for during this stage of his career.