This Apple Shrub Syrup from Shrub & Co Pairs Well with Whiskey

 - Dec 31, 2015
References: food52
The Apple Shrub syrup from Shrub & Co is a modern take on the colonial era beverage that is great for adults craving a grownup version of apple juice. The fruit-infused gourmet shrub is made from Newtown Pippin apple and is inspired by the antiquated beverage that is said to have been a favorite of Thomas Jefferson.

The Apple Shrub syrup from Shrub & Co comes in 16-ounce bottles and is best enjoyed with lemon and whiskey. The shrub syrup contains all organic ingredients including cane sugar and apple cider vinegar.

Based in Richmond, California, Shrub & Co produces a variety of high-quality organic shrub syrups that are vinegar-based, including ginger, grapefruit and several summer flavors like Strawberry & Meyer Lemon and Wildflower Honey.