Whole Earth's Elderflower Drink is Enriched with Fruit Ingredients

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: shop.wholeearthfoods
This Organic Sparkling Elderflower Drink from Whole Earth offers a more flavorful alternative to regular carbonated water. The organic sparkling beverage's elderflower essence comes from a combination of flavoring and extract, which is blended with agave syrup for sweetness, in addition to grape, lemon and apple juice from concentrate.

Rather than being packaged in a slender bottle, this botanical beverage made from natural ingredients comes in a can, which positions it as a healthy, yet accessible soda alternative. In this same theme, Whole Earth also produces a number of different healthy beverage flavors, including Sparkling Ginger and Cola, as well as refreshing fruit flavors like apple, cranberry and citrus.

As consumers crave both health and indulgence, botanical and fruit infusions are on the rise.