Pantone & Mixologists Across North America Created These Colorful Cocktails

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: paletteforyourpalate
It's not uncommon to see the food, beverage and design worlds collide, but Pantone recently struck up a new project that resulted in vibrantly colorful cocktails inspired by its database of colors.

#PaletteForYourPalate is an exploration of color, tea and mood. For this venture, Pantone and artisan tea blender TEALEAVES asked mixologists from across North America to come up with concoctions that followed the aforementioned themes.

The vibrant results include colorful cocktails with names like 'The Bold and the Blue,' 'The Pink Monsoon' and 'Dreams of Sunset.' On the proeject's website, a full sensory experience is created, as the tea-based cocktails are paired with color palettes, audio clips and videos that share the crafting process for each and every cocktail.