This Device Will Flash-Chill Your Drink in 60 Seconds with Diluting It

 - Jan 17, 2016
References: hyperchiller & coolthings
Start enjoying your drink of choice ice-cold without having to worry about any dilution, thanks to this handy flash-freezing device.

The 'HyperChiller' is specially designed with iced-coffee in mind, and will cool down your hot beverage in only sixty seconds by an impressive 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The main chamber of this drinking accessory features walls and a core made to hold solid ice. Once you pour your beverage into the 12.5 ounce container, the separated ice sections will rapidly cool your drink, without diluting the taste with any unwanted melted water.

This flash-freezing device makes chilling your drinks a quick and easy process, and will also work for any beverage like whiskey or cola that you'd prefer to enjoy ice-cold as well.