This Juice and Smoothie Bar Switches to Serving Healthy Cocktails at Night

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: sprntrl & barmagazine
With the rise of healthy living, many cities have been overwhelmed with the arrival of juice and smoothie bars. Supernatural Spitalfields is a new one in London that sets itself apart from the rest by offering a variety of fresh juices and smoothies by day and moonlighting as a cocktail bar.

The cocktail bar will feature a variety of health-focused ingredients, such as cold-pressed juice mixers, kale bitters, as well as plant-based milks. The Supernatural Spitalfields Bar says that a few things visitors can expect include glasses rimmed with superfood powders, guarana-charged espresso martinis and coconut milk White Russians.

Many consumers who are choosing to limit their consumption of traditional alcohol products are turning to health-centric alternatives like these to amplify health benefits and reduce guilt.