Found's Infused Drinks Enhance Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: drinkfound
While flavor pairings like cucumber mint and watermelon basil are not unheard of in the food world, Found offers a new way to indulge in these flavors with its sparkling infused drinks.

The branding on these bottled beverages remark that "The age of artificial is over." This claim is backed up by drinks that are made from a base of carbonated natural mineral water and pure infusions like elderflower and lemon.

In addition to enjoying these drinks "neat" by day, Found's website also includes a guide to turning these beverages into two-part "dirty" cocktails for night with the addition of gin, tequila or vodka. For additional sophistication, fresh herb, fruit or vegetable pieces can be used as garnishes to express the flavors of each infused drink.