Floral Elixir Drink Mixers are Curated into Kits to Suit Tastes

 - Jan 20, 2016
References: floralelixir & eatlovesavor
The rise of botanicals as a natural way to sweeten and flavor drinks is being supported by products like Floral Elixir drink mixers that have been curated into collections to suit different kinds of beverages.

Featuring collections that are designed for whisky, bourbon and rum lovers, those who prefer champagne, fans of gin and even vodka, Floral Elixir collections are designed to help provide ample flavor with a kick of health. Being that all the drink mixers from Floral Elixirs are sources from real flowers, the final products are chromatic in shade and will help enhance any drink to be vibrant in shade.

While the botanical flavoring collections from Floral Elixir are curated for alcohol, they are also suitable for non-alcoholic drinks as a way to add a healthy dose of flavor to any beverage.