The Boston Beer Company is Making Whiskey from Different Sam Adams Brews

The Boston Beer Company is well known for brewing Sam Adams beer. Now the biggest brewery in Boston is taking on the liquor industry by turning different Sam Adam brews into high-quality whiskey.

The Boston Beer Company is set to produce three new whiskies, each of which will be distilled from a different type of Sam Adams beer. The beers chosen include the Thirteenth Hour Stout, the Merrymaker Gingerbread Stout and the New World Tripel. The Thirteenth Hour Stout contains espresso and hints of cinnamon, while the Merrymaker Gingerbread Stout has a rich and buttery flavor profile. On the other hand, the New World Triple has a sweet and savory taste. Each of these brews will be distilled and turned into a distinct whiskey. After they are transformed into a liquor, each of the 'Spirit of Boston Whiskies' boasts an 84 proof makeup.

With the holidays just around the corner, these beer-based whiskeys could be perfect for the liquor-lover in your life.